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Wellness Wednesdays!  

$65 One Hour Massage
$65 Signature Facial

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Wellness Services

Transcend is truly a unique Wellness Spa, offering the latest & greatest in complimentary health care services. Our well-rounded wellness options allows the spa-goer the opportunity to relax, revive & make profound lifestyle changes. Our wellness services aim to boost your immune system, flush toxins, balance the nervous & energy systems, & provide long-lasting results.

Craniosacral Therapy • $80/60min

Craniosacral therapy is gentle bodywork that releases tension so your entire body can relax and self-correct. Craniosacral therapy releases restrictions which your body has been unable to overcome on its own. Restrictions anywhere interfere with the flow of your biological energy. When the energy is unblocked and normal flow is resumed, your body naturally corrects and you are better than before. Craniosacral therapy complements natural medicine because it enhances the natural self healing wisdom inherent in your body.

Reiki Session • $80/60min

Reiki is a technique that originates from Japan that brings balance to the energy centers in your body, called "Chakras". When your Chakras are balanced, you are in your best optimum health. Reiki is very easy to receive. Your clothes stay on. You lie on a massage table, or sit in a chair and relax.  The client usually receives a sense of peace and well-being, relaxation and pain relief.

Reflexology • $80/60min

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment that addresses the whole body by stimulating specific areas on the feet and hands.