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Massage Services

Transcend Massage Services are customized by Licensed & Professional Massage Therapists to meet and exceed your expectations. Our therapists are the best in the business, specializing in a variety of modalities & keeping up with the latest education & innovation in the industry. We focus on low-tech, hi-touch therapies, & provide full 30, 60, & 90-minute sessions. Relax, restore & rejuvenate at Transcend!

Back, Neck & Shoulders $45/30min

Dissolve stress & tension. Ease aches and pains. Drop your shoulders & stand taller.

Foot Reflexology $45/30min • $75/60min

Focus on reflex points on feet. Tone internal organs & body systems. Overall good health.

Signature Swedish Massage $75/60min • $105/90min

Balance mind & body. Increase circulation, boost immunity & alleviate stress.
 Wellness Wednesday Special = One Hour Massage for $60

Essential Aromatherapy Massage $80/60min • $110/90min

Luxurious aromatherapy massage. Relax & restore, or energize & rejuvenate.

Deep Bodywork $80/60min • $110/90min

Relief from pain & tension. Customized for you. Therapeutic & deeply relaxing.

Prenatal $80/60min • $110/90min

Decrease anxiety tension & edema. Boost energy. Vibrant health of mother & child.

Sports Enthusiast Massage $80/60min • $110/90min

Rejuvenation of tired, overworked muscles due to the rigors of sports. Training & post-event.

Injury Rehabilitation $80/60min • $110/90min

Rehabilitation of injured tissues. Restore flexibility, range of motion & function.

Thai Massage $80/60min • $110/90min

Stretch each muscle group of the body. Passive yoga. Ancient modality for modern healing.

Desert Stone Massage • $90/60min • $120/90min

Warmed, smooth basalt stones placed & glide along body. Grounding & restorative.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage • $90/60min • $120/90min

A subtle, yet powerful treatment. Boosts immune system. Cleanses & detoxifies.

Couple's Massage $160/60min • $220/90min

Experience the soothing & relaxing benefits of massage together. Create a memory.

Four Hand Massage $160/60min • $220/90min

Ultimate in decadence. Two therapists, four hands, a priceless experience.

Starter Wellness Package • 4 for $279/10 for $699


Includes: 60-Minute Massages or Signature Facials

10% OFF Skin Care Products and Regularly Priced Services


Ultimate Wellness Package • 4 for $379/10 for $899

Includes 90-Minute Massages or 60-Minute Healthy-Aging Facials

15% OFF Skin Care Products & Regularly Priced Services